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EDDM-Every Door Direct Mail No Mailing list. No Permit. No Annual Fees.

Direct Mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Now with Every Door Direct Mail service from the US Post Office, it's easier and more cost-effective than ever to get your message out. It has been designed to send advertising mail to your desired audience without the need to acquire an address list or print specific names and addresses on your mail pieces. A letter carrier delivers your piece along with the day's mail to every address on the route.


  • Postage is only 17.5 cents per piece.
  • Your mail is delivered to customers within 24 - 48 hrs.
  • No postage permit required, saving you the annual cost.
  • No mailing list needed, saving the cost of purchasing one.
  • Plenty of room for your message, sizes up to 12" x 15"
  • We can submit the printing and paperwork at the local post office that covers the selected area, or you can do yourself.

According to:

BizReport 2010 states, up to 85% of a store's customers come from a 5-mile radius. Now you can reach every address in the area surrounding your business- with Every Door Direct Mail service. How does it work? You pick the neighborhoods you want to reach, and a Postal Service Letter Carrier takes your printed pieces to every home while delivering the day's mail. it's a powerful, cost-effective way to market to the customers that matter most.

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Nearly any business can take advantage of the marketing power of Every Door Direct Mail Service.


Auto dealers, restaurants and pizzerias, pharmacies, clothing stores, furnature dealers, flower shops, coffee shops, and bakeries.

Service-based business:

Attorneys, health-care professionals, dry cleaners, home-improvement companies, and real estate firms.

Learn more at usps.com/everydoordirectmail

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"I can't thank you guys and your great people enough for coming through on this project, especially when they threw the new 20 page booklet at us at the end of day yesterday. I know you guys think of me as a customer but I think of us as partners in making things happen for our clients. I have one digital source, you guys. You are the BEST! Thank you!"
Dick Sandberg - Graphics Specialist
"May I express my appreciation for the excellent services I have received from Barnaby Printing. I've always believed a successful customer relationship is to help a customer more accurately manage his or her expectations. This is exactly the level of service I've received from Barnaby; and to me, your company practices the type of world-class principle many larger companies simply preach. I wish to express my appreciation to the graphics staff at Barnaby for helping me raise my own expectations. Please express my appreciation to all of the employees at Barnaby Printing and let them know it is this type of customer focused commitment that causes small growing businesses like mine to return time and again."
Darryl Crum -
"You have reason to feel proud. You mention the local impact Barnaby Printing has had but there's an international component to the company's work also. The brochures that you printed for Tanzania Development Support are a beautiful representation of the work done by our organization. We've been distributing them locally, to supporters in other states, and we hand carried some of them to Tanzania to share with the people who are benefiting from our work. We chose Barnaby Printing to produce our brochures because the work is of high quality, at a reasonable price, and we believe it's important to support local businesses. "
Tricia DeBoo -
"OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!! I returned to the office yesterday and found my Barnaby order waiting for me - a lovely welcome back surprise. Today I finally got around to opening the boxes and found everything an Outreach Coordinator could want for this year's Fund Drive! I especially love the large ivory envelopes. They are just the thing to tie the whole package together. Thanks so much, Paul. Working with you is always a pleasure!"
Kathy Raven - CDPCC
"Thank you for doing such a beautiful job for us. Not only do I like it a lot, but we have heard some very nice comments about the catalog from our members. This is the first time I have ever had a catalog printed, so needless to say, it was a learning experience for me, but with your help it was wonderful. We really appreciate your fine work. We will certainly be back to do business with you again."
Phyllis Carder - Carter Travel LTD
"Our posters for National Girl Scout Cookies Day were awesome! The colors really popped and Barnaby Printing was able to get them done in a very tight timeline..as usual! Thank You."
Cindy -
"Many thanks! We received Daniel's business cards today as well as the DynaCoat proposals. I think we're going to frame one of the proposals - they're beautiful! What a great job you guys did! I'm working on the the art for the next Brasco proposals because of how wonderful the DynaCoat proposals turned out. We're thinking of redoing the Brasco ones rather than just the same old same old.Thank you again."
Kathy - Brasco, Inc.
"Once again, Barnaby's has achieved greatness! My fund drive stuff looks beautiful. I'm sure my boss and the board of directors for CDPCC will be very pleased. Thank you so much for the extra effort you always give, it's evident in everything you do."
Jan Torrence - Central DuPage Pastoral Counseling Center
"Thank you for the quick processing of our mailers for the summer. It is great to know that you are committed to helping customers-even when we drop the ball on getting the information to you in a timely manner. Thanks again. "
John Larson - Value Plus Auto
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